We Are Two Wheel Java

We’re a group of motorcyclists who meet up weekly to attend local coffee shops! We love supporting small businesses, and encourage our members to tip well and leave reviews on social media and google maps! Our rides are alcohol free, and we encourage new riders to drink coffee instead of alcohol. There are enough safety concerns and potential risks while riding, so we feel our passion for motorcycles can be better enjoyed without increasing those risks!
Membership to Two Wheel Java is paid to keep our meets more intimate and safer. Your membership gains you access to members-only discounts, swag, and giveaways. We invite all types of motorcycle riders to join! If you just like to take a cruise on your Harley or you just bought your first sport bike this is the place for you - provided you like coffee.

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Who We Are

You'll enjoy meeting a great bunch of folks to ride with. Our group rides are typically split into two groups, 1 being a "spirited pace" and the other being more relaxed! Don't be afraid to join us! We encourage riders of all experience levels to come hang out! If you'd rather not ride in the group, meetup with us at the destination!

Caffeine and Gasoline

Two Wheel Java offers a family friendly atmosphere, and we are all passionate about 3 things.. motorcycles, coffee, and supporting small businesses.

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