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Café Dolce on The Hill

There are many places where you can find a "decent" cup of coffee for $7 or less, but we don't look for "decent" coffee. I think I speak for most of the group when I say that Café Dolce helps to set the standard for what amazing coffee tastes like. You combine the quality of a coffee brand like "Illy Coffee" and the talent of every one of their baristas, and the passion of the owner Aggie, and you get an amazing cup of coffee. From the simplest Americano to the most complicated flavored latte, these guys know how to do it. They're what you'd call experts. And not only can you come here and get an amazing cup of coffee, you can come here and get some of the most delightful Italian pastries you can get.

TThe Hill in St Louis is already a great place by itself, but Café Dolce sets itself apart. 10/10 for the quality of food and coffee, and the excellent level of customer service and ambiance. We will definitely be back.